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And what should HR Department (HR Service, Personnel department, etc.) look like?

For us the answer is obvious - effective. Effective in achieving results, cost-effective. In other words, properly structured HR provides business with trained human resources and does it better and at a lower cost than an external provider.


However, this is not always what we observe in companies. Is it not in here that mistrust and lack of understanding of HR functions in Russian companies occur, while in the majority of global companies HR is a strategic partner for the owner and management? Simply copying even the most advanced HR technologies will not give you results, and an annual bonus of your HR director will not play any role. It is unlikely that you will meet two identical companies even within the same industry. If companies create a different production and marketing processes, why do they simply copy-paste HR investing in this significant costs?


Usually, proprietors or management do not have time for a deep and detailed analysis of human resources management system since the business process for them comes first. That is why they bring in a HR Director and create HR department. But when you need an objective evaluation of the efficiency of the HR department itself, an independent professional must be involved.


For smaller companies the costs of own HR professional department is often expensive, and "cheap" specialists can cause more harm than good. The effectiveness of an external HR services provider for small and medium-sized businesses in Russia is still underestimated.


Whatever the situation may be at your company, our goal is to provide you with the HR solutions of high professional level in the volume and cost that corresponds to YOUR business.


Among our consultants are operating specialists and managers of leading Russian and European companies for whom professional HR work is a daily practice.

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